Copenhagen trip: Ride to the Louisiana

December 30 and 31st, 2017: our last days.


The weather is not too happy to see us leaving so soon: it rained almost all day long. But it is alright, we have had great weather so far and have planned indoor activities for the day.

For our last morning we went to brunch at Granola. A nice restaurant not far from our flat. But I will not recommend it! The food was alright but waited a whole hour to be served very simple and small dishes. Not worth it!

Our day really started when we left for the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It is located in Humlebaek, a thirty minutes train ride from Copenhagen. Same as the city, or the subway, or any public places, trains are clean and very comfortable. And we had a peek at Danish countryside and seaside on the way.

I will spare you the suspense: the Louisiana is one of the most beautiful museums I visited! I put it in my top 2 with the, radically different, Roma’s Villa Borghese.

At first, the Louisiana looked small. But once inside, we discovered a wide network of modern galleries. Elegance is the key word here with white walls, wooden floors, and large windows revealing a large garden sheltering several sculptures.


Among the exhibited artwork, I was first amazed by a collection of Giacometti’s sculptures displayed in a beautiful gallery facing the garden through glass walls.

The following rooms showed a large collection of contemporary portraits by the photographer Rineke Dijkstra. She has a talent to catch one’s soul behind what could appear as simple pictures.

The exhibition Being There was not my favorite part. It presented very contemporary works and several made me uncomfortable (but is it not art’s role to provoke some reaction, even it is uneasiness?). Still, one installation stood out and really moved me: Hyperlinks by Cecile B. Evans. Her video installation reflects on our reactions to death and absence in today’s digitalized area.  

Another part that I loved was the exhibition of George Condo’s particularly creative drawings. A real source of inspiration. His most striking piece, and the first you see entering the room, was The Lunatic.

Both Rineke Dijkstra, Being There and George Condo are temporary exhibitions. Rineke Dijkstra ended on December 30, 2017. But Being There will last until February 2, and George Condo, The way I think until April 2.



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Now a piece of advice if you visit the Louisiana during winter, like we did, when the sun sets early : start your visit by the garden! Or start your visit in the morning.

We arrived in the beginning of the afternoon and started by the museum, where we spent three hours (and you can easily spend four hours there). By the time we ended our tour, it was already black outside. Impossible, in that condition, to see the garden and the many sculptures displayed outside. We unfortunately missed that part.


Back in Copenhagen, we stopped on our way home at Frk. Barners Kælder for our last dinner there. A typical Danish restaurant, and also a tourist trap where they made us pay for tap water… But the food was excellent so we had a great time anyway!


We flew back to Paris the next morning, on December 31st, a little bit sad to leave the Danish sweet way of life and spoiled with chocolates by the best flight attendants ever.


Godt Nytår! Happy New Year!

2017-12-31 11.17.21

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