Copenhagen trip: The sun is up!

December 29, 2017: the most beautiful day so far!


Up and back to Nørrebro to spot some street art we did not have time to see the day before because of the early nightfall. Apart from one mural painting that had been sprayed with graffiti, there are some beautiful street art in that neighborhood.

I then take advantage of the good weather to go on boat tour on Copenhagen canals while Anne-Laure goes shopping. That town has some charming features from the water. I spend the next hour taking pictures and admiring Copenhagen’s colors under the sun.

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When we meet again, we head back to where we had dinner last night.. To have lunch just next door from Paleo, at 24 Raw. It is pretty self explanatory: here, you eat raw. That means salads and (very good) vegan meals for everyone. 

In the afternoon, we wanted to discover Freetown Christiana. It is a part of Christianshavn neighbourhood that has declared its independence from the government in 1971. It covers 34 hectares and counts almost 1000 residents. Some tourist guides call it an “alternative village” or a “green neighbourhood” established by “hippies”… But personally, I did not see anything worth visiting there. First, buildings and houses are often in bad shape and dirty, unlike the rest of Copenhagen. You can find some street art since it’s a place for, let’s say, free spirited people. But from what we saw, it was mostly THE place to be for drug dealers and drug users. Maybe there is a hidden face of Christiana that is interesting to visit, why not accompanied by some locals. But, as tourists and on our own, we really did not like it. So, if you want to see Christiana, be warned and do not go there alone, just to be safe.

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We stayed very little time and quickly went back to the much nicer part of Christianshavn and its art galleries. We tested a café installed on one of the canals: Christianshavn Bådudlejning og Café. I had spotted it earlier during my tour. From the outside, it did not look like much : old, rusty… And from the inside? Still old, randomly furnished and… a handmade toy train set hanging from the ceiling that the waiters made go back and forth above our heads! Above our table was also a miniature cable car, suspended between two windows. It was clearly one the most original cafés I have ever seen!


At the end of the day, went back to the Meatpacking District to test a new restaurant : the pizzeria Mother (which, I have just learned, opened a new place in London!). The meal was good and the place very lively, but a little bit loud too.

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