Copenhagen trip: Goddag København!

December 27, 2017: arrival day!


We were so eager to come and feel the Danish Christmas spirit that we ended up waiting almost two hours at the airport. Yes you read me : two hours ! It is also the time it takes to fly from Paris to Copenhagen.


After going twice to Italy this past year, it feels nice to visit a northern european country for a change. Everything is clean, modern, easy. And English is widespread.

It only took a quick ride to arrive to our flat. We were amazed by the subway, its modernity and its accessibility. Whether you are in a wheelchair, handling a stroller or simply carrying luggages, everyone can ride it! There are also only two subway lines here, so it is pretty easy to find your way.

DSC_0002 (2)

We rented a large room located between Frederiksberg and Nørrebro boroughs, with lots of nice shops and hipster cafés around. So far, I really like Copenhagen, its brick walls, its cosy cafés and its star lanterns lighting every windows.

Once settled, we aimed directly for Tivoli Gardens. It is the second oldest operating amusement park in the world, it was created in 1843 ! Most winters, it is covered in snow.

However, this year, the city has not seen any snow yet this winter. The park is not as big as we expected and, personally, I find it a little bit tacky sometimes. But the thousands of Christmas lights still give a touch of magic to the place. (Pay attention to what you spend there, because you will have to pay for absolutely everything.)


By the time we left, around 6 PM, night had completely fallen (the sun starts to set at 4 PM there during winter), it started to rain and most places had already closed for the day… Copenhagen is no Paris or London (or Berlin from what I have heard). We were craving for a hot chocolate but at some point, getting warm a dry became our only goal and we ended up at WarPigs, south of Vesterbro in the Meatpacking District. A local fast-food were everything is home-made, even the beers are home-brewed… and damn good (and I am SO not a beer person)! It was clearly one of our fattest meals since our gargantuan Argentinian barbecue in Buenos Aires two years ago.

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