Les Petites Robes Noires


It is culture time tonight with the SMV  (“un Soir, un Musée, un Verre” which means “a night, a museum, a drink” – Great french association that meets once a week to visit an exhibition and have a drink afterwards) and Sotheby’s !

The auction house is currently presenting, in their latest pre-sale exhibition “Les Petites Robes Noires”, Didier Ludot’s private collection of haute couture black dresses.


“The idea of the little black dress speaks to everybody, to every time and to every social background. Even men, who all have a memory of an actress they fantasised about, or of their mum when they were young.” Didier Ludot

The collection assembles a wardrobe of 140 dresses, including eighteen Dior dresses and one from each Givenchy designers.

The most recent model was made in 2010, but the oldest one dates back to 1921 !

“It has become quite complicated to buy a dress at a good price now, because people know how much they are worth. Before, people threw away their Dior dresses with the garbage.” Didier Ludot

To spice up the rooms, a few color dresses were added, as well as Dior slingbacks decorated by Roger Vivier.



Last but not least, in the last room were exposed some of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry. All from Dior. Including the bracelet Charlize Theron throws to the ground in the Dior J’adore movie. Only three of these bracelets were made… and two were smashed to pieces during the set !


“It is a magical piece of clothing that survived every political and economical change.” Didier Ludot

1921-2010 – Les Petites Robes Noires, Collection Didier Ludot – At Sotheby’s until october 3, 2017.

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