Slasher !


This is the first word that comes to mind when you meet Nadège Winter. Passion, and a genuine curiosity deep in her eyes.

I started on the subject of role models with WoMen’Up Real Talks event. But here is a new type of model : the slasher !
From what I’ve heard about slashers, they seem to have one thing in common : they say “yes”. Yes to new projects, yes to their passions, and yes to their intuition !

I met Nadege Winter, along with a group of other women, thanks to the One Minute Project and its masterclasses, organised by Hello Bank and My Little Paris.

“Masterclass, this is such a serious word”, she said, almost apologising for not having prepared a real class for us. And yet, she taugh us so much.

Nadège Winter is not the kind of person who will tell you how she sees herself in 5 or 10 years… Planning the year ahead and staying open to the world is already quite a job !

From the music industry to the Palais de Tokyo and now Twenty Magazine. From marketing to communications to event planning (BIG events) to building a media which is so much more than just a media… Wow… Hearing about all her experiences, you wonder how she is able to tell her story without having to stop and catch her breath.

Don’t get her, and other slashers and entrepreneurs, wrong, it is hard too. Being a free spirit also comes with fear and doubts.


Just remember :

Listen to your inner voice.

Put away the negative thoughts.

Meet new people.

And take your time, there is no rush.

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